Medical & Health Professions Education

Production of health workforce is a vital stage in developing health care systrem. In developing countries, the production capacity is either weak or not oriented towards healthn care system needs. The existing dichotomy between health care system and production (education) system is a major rift in impeding the production of adequate and appropriate workforce.

  • National mechanisms for coordinating health and education systems through eefective partnership in planning, implementation and evaluation towards maximizing available resources to the two systems.
  • Human Resources for Heath production and scale-up of education including integrated community oriented and community based programmes to respond to country’s health care needs both quantitatively and qualititatively.
  • Revision of existing curricula and recommending and supporting to implement sustainable methods for modernization of educational programmes and transfer of skills and competences to produce graduates who are fit-for-purpose. Design of innovative curricula like PBL, CBL, CPC with capacity building packages for sustainable implementation.
  • Establishing national and institutional systems of accreditation based on designed national, regional and global standards with a focus on outcomes and social accountability.

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